Dubai Bling Star Advocates Peace And Stands By Civilians In Palestine


In a world full of chaos and division, voices that stand for peace and humanity shine even brighter. Ebraheem Al Samadi, known for his role in Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling,’ is not just another influencer; he’s a voice of reason and empathy. In a recent interview on the Lovin Dubai Show, Ebraheem Al Samadi shared his thoughts on the ongoing Israel-Hammas conflict in Gaza, emphasizing the importance of spreading verified information and his commitment to peace.

Ebraheem’s perspective on the conflict is not just an opinion; it’s a heartfelt call for compassion.

“I realized that if we don’t have humanity, then we are no longer called humans,” he passionately stated.

In an age where social media floods us with information, he recognizes the significance of responsible sharing. With a substantial following of 603,000 people on his platform, he acknowledges the power of his reach.

“Every single one of them makes a difference to me, and I have to make sure that whatever I repost, I believe in. Second of all, I have to verify that it’s correct,” he expressed, highlighting the weight of responsibility that influencers carry.

Ebraheem Al Samadi acknowledges that influencers today have a more significant role than ever before in shaping public opinions

Their responsibility extends to verifying the information they share.

“I think it’s a really good point about how influencers have a platform now more than ever before. And therefore, your verification of the news is really important,” he added.

For him, this responsibility is enormous, as he understands the impact of misinformation. “Oh my God, it’s huge because you could be misleading someone and you completely destroyed that situation because of something that took you only two seconds to do is to repost it.”

The Dubai-based entrepreneur isn’t just about words; he is actively vouching for peace

He is, in his own words, “for peace on both sides.” His empathy is not bound by borders; he envisions a world where everyone can live in safety. “You know, we are so lucky here in Dubai. I feel safer in Dubai than I do in America,” he admitted, emphasizing the safety and harmony the people of Dubai enjoy. But he is well aware that this privilege should not be taken for granted.

Ebraheem Al Samadi’s words aren’t just those of another celebrity, but of a compassionate individual who understands the power of his influence. As the Israel-Hammas conflict continues to affect countless lives, voices like his bring hope, understanding, and the crucial message that humanity should always come first.

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