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Top 10 Restos That Serve Up BRILL & Quality Food Under AED15 In Dubai!!

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We asked Lovin readers to name their fave restos that serves up quality food under AED15 in Dubai…

And… the Lovin fam has come through once again and sent us a bunch of top-notch suggestions.

Which WE then filtered through, put in our resto expertise, handpicked the cream of the crop and compressed into this impressive roundup.

Entire meals in Dubai for AED15?! Time to FEAST UPPPPPP

Honestly, if you know these sweet spots in Dubai, you can feast up with just AED15 in your pocket and well just have a BALL with the rest!

BTW this list is in NO particular order at all.

10. Via Delhi

Heyyy you know that resto you keep walking past in JLT that reminds you of Disney because of its font?!

Well, this resto that you’ve been pushing to try ‘one day’ actually serves up some EX-QUI-SITEEEEEE dishes! That too so reasonably priced that you’ll cry.

From great to-go lunch options and momos made to PERFECTION to noodles, wraps, delish hot and cold bevvies, Via Delhi is a little hidden gem in JLT for those looking for quality food without having to shed out big bucks!

Plus their staff are friendly x 10000000.



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9. FiLLi

One can NOT rave about FiLLi cafe enough.

This cafe has taken over Dubai for a reason and if you’re part of the 3% in Dubai who hasn’t tried out this OG cafe then please do. For your sake.

Catering to customers of ALL ages, literally, FiLLi is a go-to fave for teens, adults, kids, oldie goldies, erraone!

Plus with their super affordable prices, NEXT-LEVEL creative menu and chill ambience, you can not go wrong choosing this cafe for your next date night. Trust. Me.


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8. IKEA Restaurant

When you think Ikea you think furniture or well… MEATBALLS because let’s be honest, Ikea’s Swedish meatballs have a whole other fanbase!!

Okay now if you’re looking for a quick and easy school-cafeteria-style meal then Ikea is the ULTIMATE. Khalas.

I mean a full plate brekkie combo for 10-15 bucks?? Who in their right mind would say no to that?!

7. Al Mallah

Mashallah Habibi, this Middle Eastern/Lebanese resto will have you by your fattoush in no time at all!

Everything you know and LOVE about Lebanese food is in Al Mallah and that too at prices that are UNMATCHED.

And apparently, their Cheese Garlic Manakeesh is a MUST TRY.


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6. Bikanervala

Indian food and ESPECIALLY Indian sweets are a MOOD in life.

Personally, I could binge-eat Indian sweets days on end with ZERO regrets in sight. And for those, who very much like moi, are into that flavoursome eating, Bikanervala (located across multiple locations in Dubai) will have you running back for seconds with their Matar Kulcha, Bombay Sandwiches, Indranis, Laddus and more.

Here is a quick review from their Zomato page:

Ordered their thali and it was quick delivery.. food cane well packed and nothing was spilt it out of the place.. I think they have mastered the art of food cooking and yes packing too.. thali is a must-try as it has everything as a complete meal..


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5. Koukh Al Shay

Ask any Dubai kid about ‘Koukh’ and their reaction will say it all.

A cute cafeteria + AED1 chai + AED5 wrap + a place to park your car, get down and talk for hours and hours + a chill scene with friends = the basic vibe of Koukh Al Shay.


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4. Tea Mate

You know what, just make your way to Tea Mate order your faves from the menu, and order some more and just keep ordering and let I assure you, your bill alone will NOT exceed AED50.

With their AED3-6 priced Parathas and AED6 Shawarmas, you can easily fill your stomach to the brim with just 15 bucks in your pocket.


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3. Jabal Al Noor Cafeteria

From Filipino and Chinese food to biryanis and kunafas – Jabal Al Noor will literally have your most random cravings satisfied for AED15 or less.


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2. Aryaas

If affordable comfort food is what you crave then Aryaas with their fresh outta the stove South Indian food will have you going back home with the biggest smile on your face and a little food baby tucked away in your belly!


1. Puranmal

And we are concluding our FAB roundup with Puranmal!

If you’re living alone and frequently CRAVE some home-cooked meals, then Puranmal will serve you nothing less than proper SOUL FOOD that feels like unprocessed and fresh home food every time you take a bite.

That too not just one or two dishes, you can get an entire platter of food items from this fun resto for just AED15.


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This list is really in no particular order, but unanimously our lovey-dovey Lovin readers have crowned Puranmal as the #1 affordable resto in Dubai!

Hate us or love us, you gots to agree – this was one life-saver of a roundup😌

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