You Can Actually Connect To Wi-Fi From Streetlamps In Dubai Now


Gitex Technology Week is the largest technology and trading show in for the Middle East & Africa, it takes place once a year in Dubai and it kicked off today.

Highlights so far include the release of a new phone which was designed in the UAE; (promoted as the world’s strongest, lightest and thinnest smartphone), a personal visit from HH Sheikh Hamdan to the RTA stand and some exciting developments (if free Wi-Fi is the kind of thing that gets you excited) from the RTA.

The RTA also released some pretty useful information

1. You can now connect to Wi-Fi on street lamps

We heard about this before, but now it’s actually becoming a reality. These eco-friendly lights are ideal for anyone who’s ever been caught out on-the-go without wifi…simply be within a close distance to a working street lamp to log in.

Right now you’ll only find these street lamps at the new Dubai Canal Bridge, we look forward to seeing more working units around the city

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2. You will be able to rent a car by the hour

The RTA is on a constant mission to make public transport more enjoyable for commuters and this is one step in the approach. By simply registering online at one of two providers, (first timers approval takes up to 12 hours) you’ll have access to book and pay for cars available at certain locations in Dubai. Not yet ready for action, we’ll let you know this this service is fully set up.

3. The Smart Parking Project finds you a free nearby parking space

Okay, so they can’t ease traffic or magically free up parking spaces so the RTA have done the next best thing – once this new app is up and running it will find you a free parking space in your area and tell you how to get there.

Once launched it will be trialed in Al Rigga before hitting the rest of the city

4. New technology will detect any signs of exhaustion or illness for bus drivers

The new technology will be input on buses in the region and alert the RTA Control Panel if it reads any unusual signs from the driver. This is a brilliant safety feature

Take a look at HH Sheikh Hamdan visiting the stand today

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