7 Cosplay Costumes That YOU Can Rock For Comic Con


An exciting opportunity for you to display your creativity is coming up VERY soon.

The Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) is coming to the UAE from April 5 to April 7, and not only will people have the opportunity to buy exclusive merchandise, watch the latest superhero movies and take part in the Gamezone, but also get the chance to dress up as their favourite character all day long… AND NOT BE JUDGED FOR IT! Okay – you can also be judged for it in the annual MEFCC Cosplay competition…

Cosplay may sound daunting, but it simply means ‘costume play’ so dressing up as a character. 

While it’s not quite as simplistic as Halloween, it’s still REALLY fun and can be fairly straight-forward if you know how to do it. 

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Here are a few cosplay costumes you can rock at Comic Con next month. 

1. The Hulk

This one’s for guys who are already beefed up. 

All you need is some green body paint and shorts, and you’re SORTED! 

2. Goku, Dragonball Z

Whether you fancy the Super Saiyan Goku or the regular one, you can execute this look with an orange jumpsuit, some (loads of) hair gel and some black ugg boots. 

Simple enough right?

3. Rei..or any Jedi from Star Wars

Jedis basically wear bathrobes right? Just get a bathrobe and a light-saber and you’re about there. 

4. Harry Potter

For those who still have a school uniform lying around the house, this is perfect. Add a cloak or abaya, some round glasses and a lightning scar with eyeliner, and you’ve got yourself a Harry Potter costume. 


5. Harley Quinn 

A favourite at MEFCC 2016, Harley Quinn is a popular cosplay thanks to the DC films popularity – particularly thanks to Margot Robbie’s take on the villainess. 

A bit of hair colour in a can, a ripped t-shirt and a baseball bat and you’re good to go. 

6. Avatar

All you need to get is some blue body paint and a wig.

Also, when you’re painting yourself blue no matter the rest, you will at least be commended for the effort.

7. Jack Sparrow

Ahoy matey, once you have that eye-patch, nobody can stop you.

A bit of eyeliner, a pirate hat and some dreadlocks and you’re golden. 

Oh, and don’t forget a bit of swagger. 

And if you think your costume is 10/10, enter the MEFCC Cosplay competition!

Lovin Dubai is the official media partner of Middle East Film & Comic Con. 


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