Nostalgia! This Photo Dated Back In 1975 Deira Shows The Longevity Of Some Of The Stores


An old photo of a side to Deira dating back to 1975 shows how some of the stores then still exist in that area today!

Talk about longevity and sweet, beautiful nostalgia.

Twitter user and Dubai resident Neil Grayson discovered the photograph on a Facebook group without much information but alas, he piqued the interest of others who shared a thing or two about the 1975 photo vs its 2019 state.

As it turns out, some of these OG stores like Wimpy still exist in Deira today

Except, it’s now in a different located in Naif.

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Known for their date chocolates, Choc n Nuts, is also still in business

Known for their date chocolates and being a popular tourist spot, another Twitter user even recollected memories of the owner and how he hands over the date chocolates to EVERY customer who walks in.

Gotta love when local businesses thrive! #SupportYourLocals


What’s your fave OG Deira find that still exists today?

Share in the comments section, the rest of Dubai’s residents would LOVE to know. n

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