LISTEN: Walid Hajj Explains How The ‘Kitchen-In-The-Cloud’ Concept Works In The Middle East

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In this episode of Dubai Works, we are joined by Walid Hajj an award-winning entrepreneur, who co-founded Kitch. With more than 2 decades of hands-on expertise in F&B-related businesses, Walid co-founded Kitch in 2020, further revolutionizing the ‘kitchen-in-the-cloud’ concept.
Kitch is a hybrid delivery-focused cloud kitchen and premium store-front operator, Kitch today takes digitization and fast execution of F&B concepts to a new level.

Kitch’s tech-integrated delivery-only kitchens offer operators state-of-the-art avenues to test new markets or scale their food delivery and customer reach with minimal investment.

The main difference between Kitch and other delivery platforms is that it can do both: as a delivery-focused in-between for brands and consumers and store-front operator in the Middle East

What does this mean?  1 standalone restaurant is the equivalent to 10 virtual Kitch Kitchens

The difference between your usual choice when choosing a delivery platform for your biz and Kitch Cloud?

  • Lower investment is needed
  • There are lower real-estate costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • No hidden fees

Kitch is on a mission to modernise the F&B industry for smaller and new restos in the cloud-kitchen concept

The new company, Kitch, has modernised its delivery element to go along with today’s needs. Co-Founder Walid Hajj talks about meeting the founder of Five Guys International, why they never delivered food before smartphones came along and how the first Five Guys branch opened in Riyadh, soon turning into the busiest branch in the world, and how Zaatar W Zeit already its own delivery system in place (Skip to 42:00).

In the discussion, Hajj mentioned the long lines outside Five Guys to eat a burger, with absolutely no advertising.



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Skip to 42:50 to hear about how they opened up the biggest Five Guys branch in Riyadh and the future of Kitch

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