The Qatar Fall Out: What We Know So Far


On Monday, the internet exploded with the news of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cutting ties with Qatar.

The news made global headlines with additional news being announced throughout the week of diplomatic ties being severed. 

Here’s the story so far.

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Why it started

The decision was attributed to a few things – Bahrain accused Qatar of meddling in its international affairs, Qatar’s relationship with Iran – which is disruptive to peace in the region and its funding of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tensions have been high between Gulf states with Qatar, since last week when Qatar’s national news agency reported quotes from Qatar’s Emir praising Iran. Qatari news sites were consequently blocked in the UAE.

On Monday

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt closed off air, land and sea space to Qatar.

The four nations also gave Qataris 14 days to leave, and expelled Qatari diplomats within 48 hours of the announcement.

Emiratis have been banned from visiting Qatar and any living in Qatar have been ordered to return home.

Qatari troops were removed from the Yemen military conflict.

The UAE and Saudi have released statements however, that Qatari nationals married to UAE or Saudi nationals will be given entry to their countries on humanitarian grounds. 

Due to the nature of the border closures, UAE airlines ceased operations to and from Qatar

Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai, Air Arabia and several more airlines announced they would be suspending all flights to and from Qatar.

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Qatar Airlines is prohibited from flying in the UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Egypt’s airspace, meaning many people are required to rebook flights on Qatar Airways. 

The Qatar Airways offices in the UAE have been closed on Wednesday by the UAE’s Civil Aviation Authority. 

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Since the announcement, Yemen, the interim Libyan government, the Maldives, Mauritius, Comoros and Mauritania and The Republic of Djibouti have all announced the severing of diplomatic ties

Niger has most recently recalled its ambassador to the UAE. 

Jordan has also announced it has reduced ties to Qatar

Saudi Arabia has since closed its Al Jazeera offices in Saudi, along with Qatar Airways offices – meaning all locations within KSA are closed and employees’ licences have been revoked. 

Jordan has also revoked Al Jazeera licences.

BeIN Sports channels are currently suspended though the suspension is not officially confirmed that it relates to the situation. 

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At present, the Emir of Kuwait is working to mediate

He visited Saudi Arabia yesterday to meet with the King to try and find a solution.

Turkey’s president has also participated in phone calls to the nations’ leaders to try and help broker a solution.

And UAE’s residents have been warned about posting sympathetic statements about Qatar

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The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has shared some statements on the mediation 

He outlined what the UAE expects Qatar to do to repair relations.

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