7 Health Benefits Of Moroccan Baths And Why You Should Get One ASAP


Moroccan baths, or ‘hammam’ are a traditional ritual that is popular all around the world, and for good reason.

The relaxing experience is not only enjoyable – it has myriad health benefits.

The newly opened Queen’s House Salon in WAFI mall specialises in just that.

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With three beautiful dedicated Moroccan bath rooms and loads of treatment options, the team are the experts on hammam – all the therapists for hammam are from Morocco too.

While they offer plenty of other services, it’s the Moroccan baths that the team specialise in.

So we chatted to them and got seven wonderful health benefits (aka reasons you should treat yourself) to splash out on one of these asap.

1. They’re relaxing

First things first – of course it’s relaxing. Enjoy the hearty scents of the products, while you soak up some steam, before being deeply cleansed and exfoliated.

Relaxation is paramount for good health – for body and mind. And hammam will do just that.

Reduce stress, lower your cortisol levels and unclench.

2. It’s deep-cleansing

Cleanliness is next to Godliness remember? Seriously though, you’ll never feel quite as clean as you do after a Moroccan bath.

You’ll be scrubbed within an inch of your life, and every pore of you will be cleansed and fresh.

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3. It improves circulation

Increasing your circulation will help your body reduce water retention, detoxify, help your blood flow, aid in healing, and loads more. And Moroccan baths will improve it thanks to the vigourous scrubbing and rubbing.

You’ll likely feel quite a bit lighter after one of these services!

4. It’s exfoliating

Thanks to the warm and rough (in a good way), exfoliation technique, dead skin cells will be gone, and you’ll feel lighter than you ever have before.

Therapists use special exfoliating mitts and rub a treatment on your skin before scrubbing it off, leaving your skin super soft and smooth.

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5. It’s hydrating (your skin)

ESPECIALLY the milk and honey baths, that will instantly drench your skin and have you feeling much better.

After you get exfoliated, Queen’s House Salon therapists will lather you in a moisturising treatment to make sure your skin is silky smooth.

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6. It relieves muscle tension

Steam, exfoliation and a bit of a massage, every knot will be loosened, and every bit of stiffness eliminated from your body.

The dream.

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7. It can help with anti-aging

Exfoliating and hydrating your skin will not only help reduce the likelihood of blemishes, it can improve your skin’s elasticity, and give you a glow – so you’ll feel like a new woman!

Get a youthful shine, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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So book one in today!

Queen’s House Salon has some great deals on – Moroccan baths are AED270 per session, and your first visit gets a 20% discount, meaning it’s just AED215.

Queen’s House Salon also has a host of treatments from hair, to nail treatments, make-up, eyelash extensions and more.

Queen’s House Salon is located in WAFI mall, call 04 396 3051 or email info@queenshousesalon.ae for bookings.

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