8 Reasons Why You Need To Order This For Your Lunch Today


Let’s tell you what happens in our office at noon each day.

Hunger kicks in. We look through tons of menus. We order. We eat. The story doesn’t end there. Post that there’s this whole session of grumbling – the food wasn’t great or it should have been healthier or tastier – and then it’s back to work in a not-so-good mood. 

But the one time this scenario is different is when the food is from Richy’s. Then our only complaint is how we wish dinner time would come sooner. 

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In eight reasons we shall tell you why it’s THAT good:

1. It’s a straightforward menu

You get salads, wraps and soups here (desserts and drinks, obvs). Plus, the soup menu changes each day and the wraps come with a mini box of Pringles. Extra points for that.

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Photo Cred: Aisha Deeb

2. You can get creative

The best part about Richy’s is it allows you to ‘create your own’ salads. These meals of goodness can be described as: lunch or dinner exactly the way you want it but someone else makes it for you. 

First you pick a base for your salad which could be green leaves, pasta or soba noodles. Then choose up to six veggies / fruits followed by add-ons of meats or cold cuts or cheeses. Top it off with a dressing of your choice (options are plenty – there’s raspberry, thyme vinaigrette or even minted lemon vinaigrette) and voila…an epic creation!

Sauces Revised

3. The stuff is healthy

We’re talking ingredients such as quinoa, artichoke hearts, avocados, pomegranate and walnuts among others. How could it be anything but good for you?

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Photo Cred: Aisha Deeb

4. There’s no debate about the variety

There’s so much to choose from when constructing your dish that you’d need to forgive yourself for requesting additional ‘add-ons’.

Img 4135

5. Its signature dishes are da bomb

If you’re not too sure about putting the right flavours together then opt for the signature (or classic) creations. They’re just as good. Our favourite is hands down the Pollo Pollo.


6. You can end the meal on a sweet note

Dessert options include a refreshing fruit salad and a pretty interesting Nutella wrap with cayenne pepper.

Img 4029

Photo Cred: Aisha Deeb

7. It doesn’t hurt the pocket

Whether you choose the junior or regular size salad boxes, be assured what you’re paying for is a hearty, healthy portion of stuff that tastes very good. A good meal (by which we mean a drink, main and dessert) roughly costs AED 70.

Img 4113

Photo Cred: Aisha Deeb

8. It’s convenient

Richy’s is open from 11am to 10pm and delivers your food to your doorstep – be it work or home. And you enjoy the service ALL week.

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Photo Cred: Aisha Deeb


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