This Sharjah Waterpark Was An Absolute Hit With My 5-Year-Old Bestie


A day-out with my (fake) godson, Joaquin was long overdueeee, so I took him to the one place he could live out his King Titan fantasies and spoiled him silly.

We got in the car and went on a mini drive to Al Montazah Parks in Sharjah, which is literally all the rage right now! Developed by Shurooq the park is divided into an amusement and waterpark with plentyyyy of rides for all the whole fambam to enjoy. 

At Al Montazah Parks, we happily walked into Pearls Kingdom and it was only uphill from there!

I bribed him into taking selfies with me with yummyyyyy eats from KinGrill and the Cafe

Think that got me my ‘#1 Aunt’ title for life NGL!

The park also has a number of foodie pitstops where you can stop by and refuel for your adventure-filled day out.

From there on out it was waterslides GALORE!

The generous park boasts of several thrilling rides for kids, families and adrenaline-junkie adults alike. Body sliding, kaleidoscopic tunnels, Pirate’s Den, The Fort, The King’s Palace, Sea of Treasures… aahhh the list goes on!

The park also has a uber fun area where visitors can kayak around and OMG the foam area there is just tooooo cute for words. For more deets, click here.


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FYI Ladies have the park all to themselves every Tuesday from 10am-10pm

*Boys above 120cm not allowed on Ladies day (Tuesdays).

If you’re out of waterpark essentials like sunscreens, swimwear, flip flops and such, then worry you shall NOT! Because the park has retails opened at every corner to help you sort out your waterpark needs.


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Visit Al Montazah Parks every day of the week from 10am-10pm.

Where? Opposite the Flag Island – Sharjah


  • AED120 – For kids (80cm to 120cm)
  • AED150 – For adults and kids (Above 120cm)
  • AED0 – For children below 80cm

For more deets, click here.


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