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A New Website For All Your Pet Bookings Is Now Live And There’s A Nice Discount!

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A new website for pet parents has launched and it’s the first comprehensive home where you can browse and book your pet services all in one place.

Pet parents will tell you, having a doggy or kitty is pretty much like having a child (really!). They need to be fed, washed and kept in a presentable state, and if you don’t have Work From Home privileges, you’re probably navigating the best pet daycare to take care of your little rugrat when you’re at work… Not easy!

Simply use code BMP25 to get the AED25 off via Bookmypet 

So to help you on your parental journey, Bookmypet is stepping up. It’s an online booking system with over 52 providers in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi (this list is increasing each day, so your favourite spot will probably be added soon!)  It’s everything you need, all in one place and the prices are the very same as in pet service centres. Ideal!

The pet world meets tech to make your life a little easier and find better the best options to suit your pets

Pet parents, go get that first-time user discount at Bookmypet right now, and spend your savings on treats

I’m a pet parent. I have a doggy daycare I use regularly for my dog, Goose, but we always shop around for convenient vets, and groomers at better prices, the lot! Everyone has a preferred service provider, but Bookmypet lets you explore all of the options available to ensure you’re making the best decision and lets you book in a hassle-free way. Pets have options too!

Consider Bookmypet as the experts in all things pets! It’s your one-stop shop where you can get the low-down on boarding, grooming, daycare, and vets.

The most helpful feature is you can get instant price comparisons. Nowhere else in Dubai can you get a comprehensive offering of pet services that are bookable all in one place.

Simply search the service you need, and get it booked in


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All the listings have been personally verified by the team at Bookmypet

To ensure the services centres does exactly what it says on the tin, the team send their own photographer to snap the pics and take all of the info, so you can be assured that what’s on the site is accurate.

First-time users get AED25 off when you book via Bookmypet

Save your dirhams to spend on treats for your best friend!


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As pet parents, we know how frustrating it can get trying to find the best service provider for your furry friend. The lengthy research, the unanswered calls, the tedious booking process, we’ve been through it all. Ultimately, we decided to put an end to this inconvenience, and we did. Introducing Bookmypet. Your online booking platform for all pet services. Find and book Vets, Groomers, Boarding and Day Care Centers in your area. You can compare by location, price, services, and much more. Once you decide, simply book and pay. At Bookmypet, pets have options too

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