This Life Hack For Earning Rewards To Make Big Payments Is A Serious Game Changer


The effort of keeping up with all your bills, transactions, savings, expenditures can be a HUGE pain. We know it and so does Citibank, because they have just come out with a first-of-its-kind payment solution for all your financial needs.

Introducing, Citi PayAll.

This new payment solution enables ALL Citi credit cardholders to settle off all their recurring or one-off payments on the Citi Mobile® App while also earning reward points or cashback at the same time depending on the Citi credit card they have.

Education, monthly rentals, maintenance fees, travel, and events payments are all covered by Citi PayAll

You no longer have to be scurrying around looking for cash or your cheque book to make all the up-coming big payments, because now you can do it ALL from the same place at the same time! Allowing you to earn rewards or cashback on payments you normally couldn’t do using your credit card.

To download the app click here.

For further information on Citi PayAll, click here.


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