A Slick JBR Billboard Is Getting Attention For The Best Reason


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s a huge billboard in JBR that looks like something out of a sci-fi flick!

JBR is lit with what is possibly one of the coolest promos we’ve seen this year. Located at the start of one of the most popular promenades in Dubai, the billboard is, in fact, a du promotion and they’ve gone BIG to announce a new deal. Featuring futuristic scenes and sports-tastic moments, du used this powerful piece to announce their latest win: An unlimited promotion.

That’s right fam! du just dropped a monthly package, and it’s the definition of the word ‘unlimited’. Scroll for deets.

The innovative ad is up there with some of the slickest executions we’ve seen this year

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And that’s exactly what one of the UAE’s top telecom operators has done.

How often do you reach the end of your data allowance BEFORE the end of the month? How GREAT would it be to catch up with friends on a call and not have to worry about how many minutes you’ve got left? Or, imagine travelling to a new country and already having data to play with…

du is taking care of all of that and then some with a new deal that’s the definition of unlimited. Take notes:

  • Unlimited 5G national data
  • National minutes
  • Flexi Minutes
  • Up to 40 GB roaming data
  • Unlimited WiFi UAE data

… You’ve even got 40 GB Roaming data per month… Incredible!


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