Make Your Home Clean Again With This GENIUS Dubai App


There is always SO much going on in a big city and the hard-working individuals that live in it that there’s little time for… for life’s must-dos, like vacuuming, wiping down dust and all the real-life ordeals we all try to avoid.

But then again, we do live in a city that’s innovative to the core, which means with every dilemma comes a genius solution

And behold, with a motto that says ‘Make Homes Clean Again’ comes…

The cleaning service app that saves the day

MATIC is a mobile app in Dubai (also spread across the GCC) that conveniently lets customers book their preferred cleaner in under 60 seconds.

So if you ever find yourself exhausted but sick and tired of being surrounded by the web of mess you’ve spun, in a matter of a few clicks, a highly-qualified and registered cleaner can come by thanks to MATIC’s same-day availability services and be your hero, baybehhh.

Why it’s different from all the other apps around

Instead of having to book a day ahead, this app legit makes life more manageable due to their same-day availability basis.

Also, with most of these home-cleaning apps, not a lot of peeps are given a choice to keep having that one OG cleaner who knows how you like things back. Other cleaning apps don’t usually give the option to choose the same person who has impeccably impressed you with their cleaning, except now.

The MATIC app not only allows customers access to their preferred maid’s daily scheduled but they can also rate the service on the app or online after every visit.

Some of you might even recognise how MATIC took over the STEP conference with these eye-grabbing hats…

Yup, they REALLY did that, and they mean it

‘Making Homes Clean Again’ certainly doth appeal to the eye better than the familiar line often stated by US President Trump’s, that’s fo sho.

Download the app and live your best life- starting now

Available on the App Store and Google Play

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