This Prominent Media Company Just Won Network Of The Year

Anika Eliz Baby

MENA’s leading platform for creative excellence and effectiveness is back with another list of names you need to look out for if you’re in the creative industry! 

The 2024 Dubai Lynx Awards Ceremony showcased a dazzling array of winners, with Initiative stealing the spotlight among them

Notably, Saudi Arabia soared to new heights, securing five Grands Prix, including Leo Burnett’s sensational ‘ProtectTasbih’ campaign for Saudia, a true masterpiece of storytelling and strategic media prowess.

Prominent media and communications agency Initiative won the prestigious ‘Media Network of the Year’

Initiative, the dynamic powerhouse of media innovation, clinched the coveted title of Media Network of the Year at the illustrious Dubai Lynx Awards, setting the stage ablaze with its unparalleled creativity across the MENA region. Follow them on Linkedin here! 

This victory serves as a resounding testament to Initiative’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of media excellence.

Other winners included ‘Rumble’ by Accenture Song Dubai, UAE, which dominated with a staggering seven Lynx Awards, highlighting the region’s boundless creativity. VML Casablanca made history by clinching Morocco’s first-ever Grand Prix, an inspiring triumph celebrated for its profound social impact through the Grand Prix for Good.

The Dubai Lynx Creativity Report will be released on Wednesday, March 20

Initiative’s triumph as the Media Network of the Year stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity, reaffirming its position as a driving force in shaping the future of media communication in the MENA region and beyond.

The main purpose is to highlight the best creativity across MENA, as selected by Dubai Lynx Juries. The Report will feature interviews with winners about how the work was created, exclusive insights from the Jury room, trends and themes that have emerged from the 2024 Awards, along with the annual rankings for this year’s top performing Networks, Agencies and Companies in the region. All results can be found at


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