Enrique Iglesias Is Set For A Memorable Live Performance In Dubai!


Bailandoo, Bailandooo!

Get ready to belt out this anthem with all your heart when Enrique Iglesias hits Dubai. The Spanish megastar is coming soon, so warm up those vocal cords! Dubai, get ready to dance like nobody’s watching…

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Mark your calendars!

It’s all happening on September 13. International pop sensation Enrique Iglesias is bringing his electrifying performance to Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena. His debut concert at this iconic venue promises to be an unforgettable HIGHLIGHT of the year.

With over 180 million records sold worldwide, Enrique Iglesias has secured his spot as the greatest Latin artist of all time. He’s still melting hearts and making fans swoon with his heartfelt music and steamy performances. And maybe… just maybe… he’ll will make you forget your ex’s name…

PSA: Bronze L1, Silver L1, Platinum and Diamond categories are already sold out… so act quick before the other tickets vanish!

HIT music all night!

With his unmistakable Latin sound and magnetic presence, Enrique Iglesias will captivate audiences like no other. Fans will be singing and dancing all night to a setlist filled with their favorite hits, including “Hero,” “Bailando,” “Escape,” and “Tonight.” Get ready for an irresistible blend of love, passion, and Latin pop rhythms that will echo through the night.

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All the fun deets:

Enrique Iglesias is performing live in Dubai… and it’s going to be LIT!

When? September 13

Where? Coca-Cola Arena

Price? Tickets start at AED 399


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