Exclusive: Regional Artist Spotlight featured artist Blu Fiefer says “Making music is who I am at the core as a creative”


Meet Blu Fiefer who went from dropping out of school at 15 to pursue music, studying in London, and amassing 15 years of industry experience, her journey has been a blend of diverse musical influences. Blu Fiefer is this month’s featured artist on Ethara’s Regional Artist Spotlight (RAS).

Ethara’s Regional Artist Spotlight (RAS), is a dedicated platform illuminating the extraordinary talents of the region’s musicians. Established in 2021, RAS is a fervent supporter of experienced musicians in the Middle East, offering them a stage to showcase their artistry.

Rooted in Ethara’s commitment to fostering the growth of the region’s music scene, RAS utilizes our platforms, industry expertise, and event networks to provide musicians with unparalleled opportunities to share their sounds, connect with a broader audience, and become integral parts of the region’s vibrant musical tapestry.

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Through in-depth profiles, intriguing interviews, and music showcases, RAS aims to enrich the Middle East’s musical mosaic, strengthen the bond between fans, and contribute to the culture of creative camaraderie among artists.

Blu explained that her music, rooted in hip-hop, incorporates elements from electronic, classical, oriental, and synth genres. Music production defines Blu creatively, offering fulfillment and understanding like no other.

The pinnacle of Blu’s career is founding ‘Mafi Budget,’ enabling sustainable artistic releases, collaborations, and assistance to fellow artists. ‘The Trilogy’ in my upcoming album ‘Villain Bala Cause’ unfolds a connected narrative, tracing betrayal, self-reflection, and the culmination of turmoil. As the music landscape evolves, Blu applauds the rise of Arabic independent music.

Blu continued to elaborate that attendees at her shows can expect a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and an immersive experience in my artistic universe. Berlin tops my wishlist for future performances, followed by Egypt.

She said that sharing the stage with Nayomi and Perrie was a joy, as she anticipates more collaborations, films, tours, and life experiences in the coming years.

Learn more about Ethara’s Regional Artist Spotlight program here.

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