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5 Ways This New Health App Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

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Have you ever gone to the doctors and wished that you could have just asked your questions from the comfort of your home but then soon realised that won’t work.

Well you can now communicate with your doctors online and it totally works!! 

HeyDoc! Is a health application that actually lets you communicate any non-urgent medical question to doctors globally. Yup, anywhere. 

So all those concerns you have, don’t need to be put off till your next doctor’s appointment, you can ask them on the spot and get a reply instantly! 

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, any advisories asked through the app will be FREE of charge for the entire month of April! 

Here are FIVE different ways the app will facilitate your life and health

1. You can contact a doctor instantly 

Through text, media, voice notes and video notes; a patient can get through to a doctor via the app instantly and get help soon after. 

Meaning you’ll be able to communicate with a professional via the app, which works exactly like WhatsApp. And that’s like a DREAM for us because we’d rather text than call, no? Besides, this is 2018 and calling is passé!

The next time you want to know if you’re feeling under the weather or not, just hit them up and you’ll soon be relieved, so no need to panic! 

2. Get access to a highly qualified network of doctors, globally

It’s so simple.

Need a doctor? Simply open the app, select a specialty, check out a doctor’s profile, expertise, availability, language (there are ratings too) make a choice and send a request. 

This can be done within just two minutes and it’s undoubtedly the future of health care.

3. You’ll save time

Skip the waiting rooms, skip the queues, skip the journey time, skip the traffic, relax, rest-up and get a doctor’s opinion from the comfort of your own home.

4. Use HeyDoc! to get a second opinion quickly

It’s common to visit a doctor and want a second opinion. HeyDoc! is the fast affordable way to do it. Get peace of mind, for any ailment through the genius app service.

5. Any doctor, anywhere and anytime

YOU can choose a doctor at any time, anywhere in the world, based on your preferences.

So if your doctor is in London, New York, the United States or wherever, they will be available to help you right under your finger tips. Cutting your time in half instantly! 

And the best part is that the app will save all your medical history in a private and secure manner for your reference at any time. 

Advisories are only FREE in April, so hurry up and download the app!

Check out the app’s journey and get everything you need to know here

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