14 Times You Can Genuinely Justify Breaking Your Diet


In the interest of being the ultimate devil on your shoulder…

Big Daddy’s is a brand new (although 80’s themed) food joint located at BurJuman Centre and they serve up the ULTIMATE in treat food – burgers, shakes, tots, pancakes, waffles, sundaes, fried chicken – and much, much more. So you can thank them for all these perfect ditch-the-diet excuses.

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1. When you’ve had a super healthy week


2. Or even when you’ve had a really healthy morning…


3. When you’ve had a bad day at work


4…Or when you’ve had a really good day at work


5. When you know you probably don’t deserve a treat…

(But one turns to two, and two turns to nine)

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6. When you’ve made a serious plan to start a legitimate diet

More Putting Off Time Now

7. When you had a few too many drinks last night…

And nothing but carbs and salt will cure you

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8. When you’re at the checkout with your groceries and you see a Kit Kat

…The walk home just got A LOT more exciting

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9. When you go shopping and don’t find anything you like

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10. Or when you can’t afford a new outfit


11. When you should be going to the gym after work but instead you go for food

New Meme

12. When it’s someone else’s birthday

(If they can have all of the cake, then you can too)

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13. When you actually feel skinny

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14. And when all you can think about is food

Story of your life



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