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It's A WIN-WIN! Recycle Your Plastic And You Could WIN AED1,000

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Use this Valentine’s to celebrate what matters MOST.

Thinking of the one you love? Think again…

Kibsons is an environmentally conscious company that wants you to choose the WORLD as your Valentine.

So, why not try… ‘Environment Be My Valentine’. (Love this!)

The brand (which now recycles more than 90% of its own plastic, btw) is turning to you. And along with your Kibsons boxes, you can actually return allllll your household plastic to the Kibsons warehouse for recycling.

The top 10 donators (in plastic weight) will WIN AED1,000 each – simple!

How does it work?

First, get verified on the Kibsons app. Then, the team will weigh your returned plastic, and the top 10 customers with the highest plastic collections will receive a prize of AED1,000 each. PLUS, you’ll also get a flower pot created from the recycled plastic… how cool is that?!

WHAT an incentive to recycle, eh!

*All plastic will be recycled into cool outdoor furniture.

It’s incredible the see the length one company is going to, to achieve sustainability

Every aspect within the Kibsons operation proves they’re constantly working towards becoming a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly company.

Operating a business that requires water, electricity and fuel, the brand strives to minimise consumption. They’re on track to recycle more than 75% of the water usage at Kibsons headquarters, they’re working on a solar panel project which will result in an electricity reduction of more than 25% annually (and 50% in the winter months) plus, they’re working on an initiative to reduce harmful fuel emissions by 25%. Amazing!


The important bits

Learn more on Kibsons.com.

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