There Are Lots Of Laundry Services In Dubai – Here’s Why This One Will Work Better For YOU


The easy life is one of the many reasons we love Dubai – am I right?!

Takeout at any hour of the day, a regular cleaner, getting your clothes picked up, washed and delivered right back to your doorstep…

These are life’s little chores, that you want sorted and you want them sorted hassle-free.

Introducing LaundryMan – with some fierce competition in the laundry service market, here’s why LaundryMan should be your go-to

LaundryMan is available for download here

LaundryMan does not mix your clothes in bags with other peoples – some services do

Let that sink in for a second. The last thing anybody wants is their laundry thrown in with others; your clothes stay with your clothes – end of.

Once you go app – you won’t go back

IF you need to know exactly when your favourite jeans are in the system, you can get real-time updates, track your order and chat to a customer service rep at any hour of the day – simple as.

LaundryMan uses tech from Laundrapp, the UK’s leading service for clothes washing and dry-cleaning, so while LaundryMan is new to the UAE, the tech part is already nailed.

LaundryMan’s motto is “less time for laundry and more time for you”

And whether that means more time for work, exercise or simply kicking your feet up, we are all FOR IT.

Getting your laundry done should be a basic, simple service

Once you click the button you should not have to think about it again. LaundryMan does not outsource to a third party supplier or vendor, and with everything done in-house you’re guaranteed a quick turnaround time, if any problems occur – the team will be on hand to sort it.

How much?

For an ‘All-you-can-fill bag’ it’s AED45.

Get FIVE pairs of jeans washed, ironed and hung for AED40 thanks to the Billy Jeans offer.

Don’t destroy your bedding in a washer, get Laundryman to sort it for you.

Even get your duvets washed for AED20! Bargain!

It’s a minimum order of AED40 and your wash is priced per item.

See the price list here

LaundryMan is available for download on Google Play and the App Store here


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