ATTN: Everyone Who Loves Going Out In Dubai And Nabbing Amazing Discounts Needs This App

Living in a city like Dubai means boredom isn’t even a thing, more of a personal choice.

How do you end up bored in a place where the social scene is SO on point- every day of the week has a theme to it. Same goes for restaurants, date night venues and ladies night’ (that have become quite a staple!).

That’s where Dubai expats, Mr & Mrs Brunch, come in to save us from doing the research- with the Lets DXB app. Whether you’re a savvy-saver, a chronic partygoer or just someone who’s looking for the next best thing- this app may be for you.

Download it for FREE NOW and change your social game, here are reasons why:

1. Two Brits have released the app for the pure bliss of sharing what they know

If you’ve been in Dubai awhile you might have already heard of ‘Mr & Mrs Brunch’ on social media. These TWO legends have decided to compile an all-rounder guide to eating out in Dubai.

They don’t even do this full-time, so you know it’s all done out of love.

2. It’s 100% FREE to download AND USE- howbowdat?

Yes sirs, the app is absolutely free for all.

Need we say more?

3. Using the app offers on brunches, nights out or dinners will save you some cha-ching

Do you find yourself losing bucks ‘cus the nights out with the gals never end? Or is there always a birthday dinner to attend?

Good news is, you’re not alone, this is a common Dubai prob, but Lets DXB is here to help save you some dirham bills.

Scroll through the offers on the app and AH-MAYZE yourself with the featured deals, such as 50% off brunch and meals at diff venues- available ON.THE.DAILY. No limits.

4. Stay updated on what’s new in Dubai (‘cus we all know how quickly new spots come up!)

Thanks to the app’s founders following on social media, several series’ will keep app users in the know on what’s new in Dubai.

Check out ‘Venue In A Minute’ to see new venues, and what Mr & Mrs Brunch think about ’em. Otherwise, a video series called ‘What’s New On The Menu’ will also be around where Dubai’s top chefs will get to discuss the inspos behind their delicacies.

You after the updates:

5. Despite the name, the app offers more than just brunch offers

Although the app has been set-up by Mr & Mrs Brunch, known for their knowledge on the ins and outs of brunching in Dubai, the app isn’t limited to this.

The app will give you deals, tell you about events, and the type of nights at restos, bars, ladies nights, happy hours AND more.

Save $$$, be the partayy pro and live your best life NOW

Download Let’s DXB, now available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Check out offers and other cool things on their FB and IG.

Ready, set, go!

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