Samsung Teamed Up With 6 Iconic Talents To Empower Gen Z Through Self-Expression!


This is the collab you didn’t know you needed! Samsung and Anghami joined forces to hit Gen Z right in their creative-loving hearts. Get ready to flip out with the Galaxy Z Flip5, the ultimate self-expression tool!


In other words…

Samsung teamed up with Anghami to create three original soundtracks with iconic artists from the region and 3 talents to level the self-expression collaboration!

You can’t have self-expression without some creative designs, so designer Ibrahim Zaki brought his ideas to life by whipping up 3 song covers and a special edition Flip phone case, all reflecting the campaign’s theme of self-expression. To top it all off, Nehmat Abdelkhalek and Joyce created original choreography for each of the 3 trendy tracks.

Each collaborator brought their own unique style, sharing stories to empower Gen Z to express themselves. This #FlippinPossible campaign was all about combining Gen Z’s passion for creativity, appreciation for individuality and each individual’s unique take on expressing all versions of themselves via music, art or dance.

Let’s get to the deets!

Across the whole #FlippinPossible campaign, these regional icons tackled the theme in their own way, each with a distinct spin and genre. The digital campaign also encouraged Gen Z to share their own self-expression stories, making the Galaxy Z Flip5 the go-to device for trendy and hip self-expression. The goal was clear: establish the Galaxy Z Flip5 as the coolest phone out there. We’re talking the most seamless selfies with the FlexCam feature and built-in 4K Nightography, so you never compromise on quality—all in a pocket-sized design.

By showcasing the Galaxy Z Flip5 and its unique features, the Samsung phone has established itself as a go-to for Gen Z or anyone who’s a trendsetter! Packed with cool features that let you express yourself, it’s a must-have for anyone who’s all about showcasing their creativity.

So, without further ado…. Here are the 3 powerhouse artists that Samsung collaborated with!

1 – Siilawy: A star that needs no introduction! Iraqi-born Palestinian and raised in Jordan, Siilawy wrote a song that will resonate with his fans! Titled ‘Love of the City’ Siilawy stands out with his expression of love for Amman. Known for his unique blend of Arabic pop and contemporary sounds, Siilawy is a favourite among the arab youth, with his most loyal fans nick-naming him Siii.


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2 – Flipperachi: Straight from Bahrain, Flipperachi is another powerful artist. Known for his vibrant blend of Gulf and Hip Hop influences, Flipperachi brings a fresh perspective to the collaboration with his new song ‘Flippin’ Possible’. It adds a dynamic flair to the campaign’s music and self-expression narrative, while encouraging listeners to do the same.


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3 – Lamia Al-Malki: As a talented artist from Saudi Arabia, Lamia Al-Malki brought her A-game to Samsung’s party with her new song ‘Aisha Hayati’. Her style and creativity added that extra flare to the mix, making the campaign as vibrant as her music. The message here is to celebrate your life.


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And now, let’s talk about the talented designer and dancers who sealed the deal!

1 – Ibrahim Zaki:  A multitalented graphic designer and typographer from Dubai, he combines creative elements to bring to life a special edition Flip case, embodying the campaign motto “Bekol Daraja Akdar”, meaning possible in every way.

2 – Nehmat Abdelkhalek: One half of a talented dance duo, Nehmat Abdelkhalek draws on her experience as a member of the Mayyas and an Arabs Got Talent winner to create some incredible moves.


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3 – Joyce: A talented choreographer and fashion stylist, Joyce infuses her moves with a unique flair, drawing from her background in Jazz and Hip Hop.


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