This New Ketchup Insurance Policy Will Keep You Stain-Free And Reward-Rich

Farah Makhlouf

Ketchup is probably the world’s most loved condiment… but it can still make a mess.

Picture this: You’re at a barbecue, burger in hand, when suddenly a rogue ketchup blob leaps from your plate, landing squarely on your freshly washed and pressed white shirt. But fear not, for Heinz has your back!

In a world where ketchup can leave a stain, Heinz Arabia has swooped in to save the day with a solution that’s as saucy as it is savvy – introducing the world’s first-ever ‘ketchup insurance policy’


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This quirky marketing manoeuvre by Heinz Arabia aims to soothe ketchup-lovers everywhere, offering a safety net for those moments when things get a little too messy – insurance to the rescue!

Yep, that’s right, Heinz Arabia has a comprehensive insurance package that covers a whopping ’57 different types of claims, ensuring that no ketchup calamity goes unrewarded.

From carpets to clothing, pets to ceilings, no surface is safe from the perils of ketchup spills.

But with Heinz’s dedicated portal for filing claims, ketchup-lovers can turn their messy mishaps into moments of triumph by simply sharing their ketchup catastrophe story, and watch as the rewards roll in

But what exactly do these rewards entail? Well, lucky policyholders can look forward to perks, including home cleaning services, laundry assistance, handyman help, and spa treatments. It’s a veritable feast of benefits for the ketchup connoisseur.

So, the next time you find yourself face-to-face with a ferocious ketchup spill, remember – with Heinz’s ketchup insurance policy, salvation is just a claim away. Bon appétit!


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