A Dubai-Pakistani Mom Describes Her Narrow Escape During 14 Summit Mission

Naila Kiani

Naila Kiani Describes Her Narrow Escape During 14 Summit Mission

Naila Kiani, the Dubai-based, Pakistani-born supermom has not only been conquering mountains but breaking records in the process!

She recently conquered her seventh 8,000-meter peak in just seven months, and she’s now completed ten out of the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks in a little over two years.

On a mission to scale 14 of the highest peaks, a tragedy on her most recent climb and her own narrow escape has taught her that speed isn’t everything. During her most recent summit, two fellow female climbers tragically lost their lives in a climbing accident while Naila made the decision to return home. She recounted the climb on the show, and how the tragedy has impacted her future climbing decisions.

“You cannot compete with the mountain” Dubai resident describes catching the climbing bug, becoming an elite climber, and how 2 of her teammates lost their lives after being hit by an avalanche

Naila Kiani’s achievements and record-breaking climbs serve as an inspiration to women, especially Moms

Her climbing journey began just two short years ago, and what she has achieved in such a brief span of time is truly remarkable, showcasing her incredible mental strength.

”Don’t think about the problems, solve them as you go and run after your passion”

Naila said she’s grateful for the incredible support she has around her. She acknowledges that it’s not always easy and she encourages moms to avoid comparing themselves with others. However, she advises moms that if there’s something they truly desire, they should prioritize it to make it happen.

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