Tracy Harmoush Defends How Much Influencers Charge For Social Media Posts

Tracy Harmoush

Tracy Harmoush Defends How Much Influencers Charge For Social Media Posts

“Influencing” is a relatively new profession and it has not come without its critics.

While the role itself is diverse and evolving, people call into question the authenticity of paid posts, ethical concerns regarding the disclosure of sponsored content, unrealistic standard setting, and probably most commonly, the charges dished out by some of the world’s most influential social media accounts.

(At last count, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner, who has one of the most followed accounts in the world, can ear $1.8 million per sponsored post on Instagram.)

Sounds like a lot for posting a snap on the ‘gram right? So, the next question would be, why aren’t we all doing it? Well, the charges are based on a bunch of reasons and local personality Tracy Harmoush used her platform of 434,000+ followers to explain exactly why some influencers can charge top dollar…

It takes years to build an engaged following

Being an influencer is like having a full-time job—creating content, engaging with followers, and staying on top of trends takes time and effort. ‘Influence’ is a commodity – If you post about a product or service, it can reach a ton of people, and companies are willing to pay for that kind of exposure.

Tracy compared the work with other professions that charge for expertise and there’s a debate for both sides raging in the comments

@mahiraabdelaziz  – It’s literally like saying I can’t believe a doctor charges for a consultation or hairstylist charges for their services! These are all jobs that require people to be paid for. And your expertise, years of experience and staying power are what ultimately define what you can charge.

While others ask why doctors can’t charge similar rates: @faddou18 ‘I wish doctors, teachers, plumbing and heating installers and alllll the other hard workers could charge that much for their meaningful work because they deserve this amount of money as well or imagine living without doctors, teachers and people who install and repair your toilets. This world is so superficial and I worry so much about our future generations. We don’t have enough doctors, teachers, electricians and so on but we definitely have enough influencers and that is sad and frightening. Only my point of view but yes keep working.’

Tracy’s content is a mix of fitness and self-motivation which grew legs after she quit her career in investment banking

A wholesome mix of workouts, family time, fashion inspo

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