Government Announces Dress Code Law For School Staff


It is now a law that teachers and school staff HAVE TO wear a certain dress code?! Feels like the olden times again!

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has introduced a new dress code. Female teachers are not allowed to wear jeans and tights while their male colleagues are banned from wearing jeans and t-shirts.

All school principals in Islamabad have received orders to direct and guarantee the hygiene of all of their staff (teaching and non-teaching both) by the FDE. Personal hygiene consists of haircuts, use of scents, nail cutting, and beard trimming on regular basis.

Dress CODE?! Who would have thought this is where we’d be heading

That just happened – Not just dress code but a compulsion for grooming as well [which is not a bad idea]

The FDE clearly talked about personal hygiene and dress code by saying, “All heads of institutions/section in-charges shall ensure that every staff member observes reasonably good measures in their physical appearance and personal hygiene.”

Use of deodorants, nail clipping, haircutting, and beard trimming are among personal hygiene that is said to be checked on a regular basis. Not only the teaching staff but the support staff and the security team are also addressed to have a proper dress code.

The much enthusiastic letter further said, “It is recommended that all teaching staff must wear teaching gowns while teaching in the class and lab coats while taking practical periods in laboratories.” Along with that the instructions also stated that the non-teaching staff is commanded to have meat and well-ironed clothes with proper shoes.

Oh there’s more in the dress code saga

The dress code has been very specifically outlined for females

The female staff is not allowed to wear jeans and tights in any case. They have been asked to wear proper, neat, and clean decent shalwar kameez, trouser, shirt with proper dupatta. Loafers and pumps are added to the shoe category. Sneakers and comfortable sandals can be used during long-standing periods, but NOT ALLOWED for the entire time.

Coat, blazers, cardigans, sweaters, jerseys, and shawls of decent designs can be worn in the chilly winter season. Thank God for that, otherwise school staff would have quite literally frozen!

And here’s the dress code guidelines for men

Simple and decent shalwar kameez with a decent waistcoat is what the male staff have been instructed to wear. The pant shirt lovers can only wear cotton pants or dress pants in dress shirts. In summers, a t-shirt of any kind is exempted to wear but a half sleeve dress shirt and bush shirt can go with the flow.

The letter included, “only formal shoes (dress shoes, loafers, moccasins, and boots) must be worn and owing to longstanding hours during teaching comfortable shoes like sneakers and sandals can be worn as well. However, wearing slippers is not allowed at all.”

The teachers now have to compromise a but in terms of their fashion and comfort zoned dressing during work time. Although, there will a positive outcome of this as every person of the education department will have similar dressing style, making everyone seem united.

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