This Saudi Artist Has Gone Viral For Her Stunning Paintings That Look Insanely Real!

Hera Shabbir

The name Nabila Abuljadayel has made the headlines for many articles thanks to her talented artwork

Famous names like Saudi Gazette and Okaz Online have showcased her realistic artwork, that has absolutely blown everyone’s minds. Nabila is known to create beautiful paintings featuring Saudi leaders, historical moments, and is even known for her major photography skills. Her artwork and images can be seen all over the Kingdom’s press, which has lead her work to actually reach King Salman! The artists’ Twitter cover-page showcases the memorable moment of the King himself, appreciating her artwork in real life.

This one of Queen Elizabeth II recently went up on Twitter by the artist and got tonnes of attention

She even created this in honor of Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Not to mention, the artistic talent is also an alumni of both Harvard and Northeastern University!

Here’s one to honor all the GCC leaders

Her painting came to life here in honor of Saudi National Day!

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