A Man Has Since Been Arrested For The Viral Video Where He Forced A Child To Smoke A Cigarette


A local man has now been arrested after being seen in a video where he forced a child to smoke a cigarette. A ten-second video went viral on Twitter after debates took place as to just how peculiar the situation is, which led to the authorities’ search for the man from the video.

In the video, a man was seen putting a cigarette stick in the child’s mouth while he and people in the back laugh at his reaction from the smoke.

Attorney General Saud Al-Mojeb ordered the man’s arrest after seeing the video

The man has been arrested by attorney general Saud Al-Mojeb, after having seen the clip that spiralled social media, reports Arab News. The person accused was arrested a day after a search was called for him on Friday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

The person in the video is a relative to the child’s father 

The Eastern police department told media that the person in the video is a local in his 20s, who is a relative of the child’s father. The father of the child explained the situation to daily Okaz by saying that his cousin did not have bad intentions and just wanted to scare the boy with a lighted cigarette because he has a bad habit of chewing cigarette stubs and they couldn’t make him stop. 

People on social media, however, were not convinced with the explanation.

Jeddah lawyer, Majed Garoub, took to Arab News to express that people should not abuse social media platforms in ways that violates public decency and security. When this happens, the public prosecutor has the right to punish accordingly- which is, in most cases, in the form of imprisonment or financial penalty.

Saudi Twitter was infuriated…

“This is so ridiculous”

“You will get punished for this, even if he is your son” 

“They’re laughing too”


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