The Top Sudanese Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow For A Healthier Lifestyle


We’ve definitely seen a drastic change in the conversation around fitness in Sudan recently – from tons of highly-equipped new gyms to even women-only fitness centres in Khartoum, we’re jumping on the wave and making sure we start leading healthier lifestyles!

Since we’re ready to look and feel good, we’ve turned to these fitness influencers for some inspiration to get in shape.

Where fashion and beauty influencers were once leaders on social media, the health and fitness sector is hot on its heels. Without further ado, here are our top five!

Ali Abushara 

His motivational fitness videos and his down-to-earth nature are two of the reasons why his followers have been so loyal to him!

In 2015, Ali decided to take his health and fitness a little more seriously, which lead to him sharing his journey with audiences in 2020.

Trying to fight all the inaccurate information about the fitness industry in Sudan, Ali started his journey by carefully studying nutrition, reading more books and training.

Combining his medical knowledge with physical training, Ali took it to the next level with his radiant positive energy.


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From posting her fun workouts to healthy food recipes, Nisreen inspires a lot of people!

She also promotes mental health and her content is based on lifestyle and fun updates from her day-to-day life. Nisreen is also an online coach who currently gives diet and fitness tips to ladies for a slimmer body.


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Awad Rahma

Awad is currently a coach at the Platinum Gym that is located in Riyadh, but also provides his services online by sharing different workout and diet tips.

Constantly reminding his crew that an important part of being fit is a positive attitude, Awad has made it easy for those who work out with him to understand this mindset.


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Ahmed Abdeen Hassan

Ready to pump those muscles and abs? Co-founder & Fitness & Strength Coach at the Fit Box Gym, Ahmed is an active CrossFit player as well as a previous bodybuilder.

With over 10K followers on Instagram, Ahmed continues to share his routines, fun workouts and daily activities on his public accounts.


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Last but not least, we have Coach Reem!

Coach Reem has been sharing her full fitness journey, offering inspiring quotes and unique workouts to motivate women to move their body.

A fantastic fitness and health educator who also offers personal training, make sure you head over to her account to learn how to love your body even more!

These fitness influencers share their amazing fitness regimes online to continue inspiring millions of people out there. Make sure to follow them to be sure you’re one of the many! 

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