Air Quality For Lahore Declared Hazardous For Health


If the air wasn’t as deadly as it got during COVID-19, we Lahoris are now facing other problems with the air. Rather we are facing a persisting problem again now that the masks have come off, which is the air quality.

As the winter kicks in and the rain takes a back seat, all that pollution, and dust stays stagnant in the air. The industries keep churning out gasses and perhaps the country burns more fuel given the electricity demand goes up and the power stations kick in to cover it. 

Sure, we can understand the reasons why the air quality is so bad. But that is no excuse for us to keep living this way. Might as well give us a gas mask and call it a very slow nuclear holocaust! 

According to the details, due to the change in weather, the air quality has become polluted once again. While among the most polluted cities in the world, Lahore has come in first place and Karachi in second place.

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It should be remembered that yesterday a notification has been issued by Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Punja. In which they declared Lahore as a calamity-hit city due to smog.

According to the notification, all activities causing smog will be banned across the province. Special teams will be formed to control smog while a crisis room will be set up in the PDMA office.

In addition, industries that emit black smoke will be closed, and schools will be required to buy buses to reduce emissions.

Well at least we’re working to fight against it

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