The BEST Fine Dining Restaurants in Islamabad


You’ve heard many things about the food in Karachi and Lahore, but Islamabad offers some of the greatest fine dining experiences in the entire country! Are you looking to SPLURGE on some good quality food? Then look at these 5 restaurants that offer the BEST fine dining experiences in Islamabad:

1) Wide Rice

This restaurant is a fine-dining favourite, and probably one of the oldest running and BEST in all of Islamabad. Situated in Serena Hotel, the restaurant offers exotic Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The menu is not only extravagant but offers EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine!

The ambiance of the hotel is INCREDIBLE! It brings together Southeast Asian culture, with its bamboo chandeliers, with modern elements that makes the place warm and inviting. The service there is TOP CLASS, and the waiters make sure that you’re satisfied!

2) Jason’s Steak House

This restaurant may be pricey, but it is THE place to visit if you want the most tender steak in all of town. The restaurant also offers TWO private dining rooms if you’re looking for a festive, but private event. Jason Steak House offers its specialty, the Black Angus steak which has had Islooites drooling for AGES.

3) Zigolini’s

This is a fine-dining restaurant that will take away ALL of our Italian food cravings with its delicious sauces and authentic flavours. This restaurant is relatively better-priced than some other fine-dining options in Islamabad, yet maintains the highest quality standards. Zigoloni’s classic Tagliatelle ai Funghi pasta is TO DIE FOR! So..are you going to be trying their pasta soon?

4) Cafe Aylanto

What first started as one of the trendiest continental fine-dining experiences in Lahore has come to Islamabad! Located in the centre of F-7, Islamabad this is a vegetarian friendly restaurant that brings all of your dreams together on ONE plate. The menu is posh, decor is beautiful and food MELTS right in your mouth! It’s a MUST TRY.

5) Zamana Restaurant

Zamana Restaurant is a CITY favourite when it comes to high-end traditional, Pakistani food. However, that’s not it. The restaurant also offers Middle Eastern, and other international cuisine which is PERFECT! The restaurant has breakfast, lunch and dinner options AS WELL as buffet and La carte menus. It overlooks a lush garden space which makes it the spot for winter time dining.

Just look at how GRAND the views at Zamana Restaurant are! Simply REGAL. You’ll definitely feel like a MILLION bucks here.

The food scene in Islamabad is AWESOME, and its only getting better overtime! Make sure to cover these five BEST fine dining restaurants in Islamabad to get the experience of a LIFETIME! You’ll certainly keep coming back for more.

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