5 Saudi Startups That Sell The Coolest Jewelry and Crafts

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is home to amazing heritage and culture which is all showcased in these small business that are hand-made with love

Each different and better than the next, these business present Saudi jewelry, crafts, décor items, and ceramics.

Ragail Jewelry


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This small business is making it big in the industry with celebrities wearing their pieces at the recent Saudi Cup. They produce necklaces, rings, and accessories with Arabic initials and names.



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This business is owned by a metal smith that makes the coolest designs! She makes rings, bracelets, and necklaces with beautiful designs. Her pieces include colorful stones and gems.

Keramos Studio


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This business produces the coolest ceramic pieces with the most beautiful colors. From glasses, to cups, to even vases, you need to get your hands on these items!

Le Cocotier


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This Jeddah based business has the most colorful and youthful designs. All their cute designs are handmade with love. If you’re looking for a boho-chic type of look, this brand is perfect for you

Candella Craft

This place creates the most colorful and localized home accessories in their collections. With a variety of vases, wall hangings, and trays Candella’s craftmanship is top tier and definitely worth the buy.


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