A Belgian Traveler Was Astonished At Saudi’s Scenic Roads On A Recent Road Trip

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia has recently been getting a lot of attention by tourists, flocking to the Kingdom to witness its numerous wonders. The roads of the Kingdom are one of the many aspects of the country that have caught the eyes of many, as a recent traveler from Belgium was spotted driving on the roads of the many mountains in the Kingdom.

A video was posted about this traveler obsessing over Saudi’s gorgeous and scenic roads!

The video shows him sitting with someone talking about how the roads of the Kingdom are super easy to drive on. He mentioned how he’s seen his fair share of roads around Europe, like those in Romania, and gushed that, in comparison, Saudi definitely takes the win.

The comments thanked the Saudi Road Authority for their consistent efforts in road maintenance


People are actually seen traveling along Saudi’s scenic routes in RV’s, their 4×4’s and grabbing the whole family for a road trip across the Kingdom!


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