Here’s A List Of All The Essentials To Keep When Traveling For Hajj

Hera Shabbir

As the Hajj season officially approaches, many pilgrims are actually perfuming the holy journey for the first time! If you are or know someone who’s traveling for the first time and need a list of essentials to keep handy on your trip, then keep this list saved because we’ve got you covered!

Disposable towels

Since the weather is more towards the warmer side, you’ll definitely need to take a shower quite a few times, and you certainly won’t take too many towels with you and overstuff your bag! This is when disposable towels come in handy and you dispose of it appropriately right after use!

Pack extra-light clothes

Since Hajj is not that long of a journey, try and pack light when it comes to the clothes and items. Stuffing your bag will definitely weigh you down and be a hassle to carry around. Therefore, pack some light and airy clothes so you don’t overheat on your journey. This way it’s light to wear and even lighter to carry!

Grab some comfy pillowcases

It’s nice to have a change of clothes and a pillowcase, to ensure that you put your head on something clean and comfy.

Pack these extra items to make your trip safer and EXTRA clean


1. Face mask 😷

Because Hajj welcomes millions of travelers from around the world, it’s only natural a few viruses could spread. Better to be safer and carry around a mask whenever you’re stepping into a public crowd.

2. Hand sanitizer 🫧

Sanitizer is a MUST to have so you can clean your hands from any germs that may have been on certain surfaces, before eating or touching things.

3. Portable charger

Because you walk for long times, it may not give you enough charge for your mobile phone! You must have a portable charger with you.

4. Sunscreen

Because you have to walk in open places and the sun rays can get quite strong, it’s essential to put sunscreen on your face and hands at all times. More importantly, as the air gets dry, make sure to keep lotion handy to avoid harsh blisters and damage to your skin. If you still aren’t able to get these items, make sure to at least carry an umbrella to save yourself from the summer heat.

Many people who are performing Hajj this year shared some helpful clips of their preparations for Hajj on social media 👇🏻

@no0odiiiiii1 اعظم فرحة والله 🥹❤️#حج #الحج #شنطة_الحج #شنطة_الحج_للنساء #fypシ #شنطة_الحج #شنطة_السفر #حج١٤٤٤ ♬ الصوت الأصلي – تــرانـيــم 🎵✨


@dodeba #foryoupage #جدة #سيتي_ووك #عيش_الهوا_متلي_وخاطر #الحج #تجهيز #شنطة_الحج #ترند #مكة_المكرمة ♬ الصوت الأصلي – تــرانـيــم 🎵✨

Hopefully this list will help all of you Hajj travelers have a safe and clean pilgrimage.


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