Saudi’s Supreme Court Has Urged Residents To Look For The Eid Crescent

Hera Shabbir

The debate has been going on for days of whether Eid Ul Fitr will fall on a Friday or Saturday. What started as an initial prediction of Eid on Friday, was changed due to recent update on weather conditions and disruptions to properly sighting the moon. The UAE Astronomy Center stated it would be difficult to sight the moon of Shawwal (the next month) to confirm the Eid date in the statement below:

The Kingdom’s Supreme Court has still asked its residents to help in and look for the Shawwal moon on Thursday evening

The actual date of Eid is different every year due to the sighting of the crescent. However, while some go on the sighting, other go by astronomical calculations which predicts Eid to be on Saturday. And the suspense continues 👀

Some people are actually very confident it will be on Saturday!

Although residents haven’t even gotten a chance to sight the moon yet, famous astronomer Zaaq Al Shamil had announce he’ll shave his mustache off if Eid isn’t on Saturday 😳 !

Someone even found book that says Eid is on Saturday…

Although there are still speculations, get prepping because at least we know Eid is this weekend 🥳 🌙 ✨


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