5 Must Fly Regional Weekend Gateways That Won’t Break Your Bank And Guarantee All The Thrill Around


Autumn is almost here in Saudi ( though you
may still feel stuck awkwardly between summer and winter) then why not go
for a short weekend gateway at this time
of the year? 

Things you would  love about
weekend gateways is that they are short and sweet but enough to recharge your
mind, body and soul for the next busy and bothering weekday. With only 2-3
hours away, you can  immerse  in a completely different atmosphere.

Instead of
booking a flight in Europe and North America or Far East, lets explore the region for a short time and on budget. With cool aggregation tools  like Skyscanner and HotelsCombined, it is  easy to plan early and even secure amazing last minute deals even at 5* hotels!

Below we are sharing our 5 regional destinations..

Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and Oman


Okay, I know you didn’t expect Kuwait..and yes it is one of the least touristic country in the world. However, you would love to plan and  8-9 locations in just 2 days. There are pristine beaches, noteworthy museums, amazing local food, art galleries and of course, malls with tons of stores.  Try the things below…

And check out the prices from each Saudi city to kuwait in NOV



by scuba diving, snorkeling in crystal clear Kobar Island

Guess what? It’s also a bird sanctuary 

 Go Ice-Skating…

Olympic-size Ice-Skating Rink in Kuwait is one of the best in the region, with
a seating capacity of 1600. 

Kuwait 1

Visit Souk Moubarakiyya or traditional souq (market). You can find almost everything in this Souk in low prices.

The Glorious Mirror House…esp if you LOVE To Look AT The Mirror 24/7

Visit Tareq
Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts

More than 30000 items collected over a period of more than 50 years are displayed in this private museum belonging to Tareq Sayed Rajab 

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Green Island is well known as the ideal place for relaxation. a reclaimed land, transformed into an artificial island. 

Go back in time at Kuwait Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum 


“But I have been there SO MANY times” okay so that’s why we have listed some hidden gems that you might have never visited..


Do Adventerous  things at Fayoum Oasis 

A great place for hiking, bird watching, sand boarding, horse-back riding, camel trekking, fishing and camping! 

Shop at Khan el Khalili Bazaar, Cairo

Authentic, affordable and beautiful things!

Enjoy egyptian culture At Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Center, Cairo 

For some soulful dance..

Reflect  at The City Of The Dead 

A 4 mile cemetery  where many ancestors of great civilizations are buried..

Read at Lehnert and Landrock Bookshop, cairo 

A heaven for booklovers, coffee-drinkers and night owls! 

Eat burger At Lucille’s

Incredibly famous for amazing burgers cooked with  local ingredients


Istanbul is probably not a destination for short weekends but if you have been before many times, you would LOVE to go again this winter to check out hidden gems, not-so-popular tourist sites for great scene, affordable food and souvenirs..


Roam around at Ortakoy 

A beautiful neighbourhood In Istanbul with amazing stores,  cafes and a beautiful view overlooking Bosphorus Bridge


This is  263 above sea level and one of the highest hill in Istanbul GIVING you the ULTIMATE view of beautiful sunsets. Tons of parks, turkish cafe around too. 


This is a beautiful open air tea garden at the end of  Gülhane Park giving you  panoramic view while you sip your turkish tea…

Relax At Prince Islands 

 A soulful  day on the beach is exactly what you need in a weekend getaway…! 

PRAY At Rustam Pasha Masjid

Enjoy Basilica Cistern Underground   Marvel At The Brilliant Byzantine Engineering!

Istanbul is amazing underground too..


Wadis, beaches, Unesco historic sites, nature parks, architecture – there’s so much to do and visit in OMAN


Enjoy beautiful wildlife at Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Experience the ultimate culture and music at Royal Opera House 

Pray at Sultan Quoboos Grand Mosque 

Explore Al-Ayn – Bee hive tombs

Fancy a swim at  Wadi Bani Khalid?

Go below Majlis al Jinn cave, the  2nd largest cave chamber in the world by surface area.. yes, it is supposedly a meeting place for JInns!

Relax at Tiwi- a stunning white beach in Oman

The Sound….


Saudi has resumed flights to Iraq for the first time in 27 years..why not avail this opportunity and explore this beautiful, undiscovered country when tickets prices at all saudi carriers are low! 

Cheaper flights can be found directly on airlines website 


Shop at Al Shoja historic market 

Pray at Great Mosque of Samarra 

Enjoy the breaktaking view at Korek Mountain Resort & Spa 

Learn more about Akre – a  historically Assyrian town in northern Iraq

Visit Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Resting Place

Enjoy climbing Mount sara, sulaimaniya

Why not share with us your favourite regional weekend destionation, too!


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