The Route Of The Dakar Rally Is Out And Here Are The Places Across Saudi That It Passes Through


The Dakar Rally is one of the biggest sporting events to come to Saudi. Like all of us here, even the rally drivers are excited as they will get to drive through some of the most idiosyncratic landscapes that they have probably ever come across.

This can be seen in the kind of posts some of the drivers started tweeting right from when news broke out on the internet that the rally will be held in Saudi Arabia.

1) Jeddah

The race starts in Jeddah, which is also the place where travellers for thousands of years have begun their journey to the interiors of Arabia.

2) Volcanic Fields Near Madinah

The Madinah Province is filled with lava fields, rally drivers will pass through them en route towards the reddish coloured deserts of northwestern Saudi.

3) The Qassim Oasis

The fertile plains in Qassim are home to some of the largest date farms in the world. Here, drivers will probably get to see date farms of epic proportions and have a bite or two on the regions famous ripe dates.

4) Riyadh

Riyadh is almost midway on the epic route and will serve as a rest day for drivers before continuing on their journey.

5) Rub Al Khali

The world’s largest sand desert is one of the most barren places on the planet, the journey through this one is surely one of the toughest on the entire route.

6) Asir

Home to some of the tallest mountains in the country steep ascents and sharp hairpin bends await drivers here.

7) Qiddiya

Dubbed as Saudi Arabia’s “Entertainment City” the demanding race will end in Qiddiya and the podium for the winners will be set up here.


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