Good News! Travelers On Tourist Visas Can Perform Umrah


Those already on tourist visas or those planning to apply for one just got a major reason to celebrate.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that foreigners visiting Saudi Arabia on a tourist visa can perform Umrah.

This was a question that was repeatedly being asked on social media and now we know. But, those planning to perform Umrah will have to book an appointment through the Eatmarna app.

To register on the Eatmarna app tourists will first have to register on the Tawakkalna app and have an “immune” status on it. As of now, the app shows “immune” status only to those who have completed two doses of the vaccine or have taken a single dose at least 14 days before.

On Wednesday, the number of pilgrims allowed for Umrah per day had increased to 70,000.

Also, a new mechanism is expected to launch soon that will make the process of applying for Umrah visas easier.


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