13 Interesting Things You Can Do In Bahrain For A Long Weekend (Local’s Perspective)


It’s near, we can mostly pay in our currency and enjoy all the wonders of Juffair, Adliya or Seef Area. 

Here’s some other things you should do or try in Bahrain (from a locals’ perspective): 

1. Check out the glorious Tree of Life

2. Have a ‘Spa Day’ at Al- Areen Palace 

By the entrance alone, you’ll already feel like Princess Jasmine in her Agra palace. The Palace makes you feel calm, and away from the city’s noise. Best place for a massage or dinner. 

3. Dine at Coco’s in Adliya (the wait is worth it) 

Believe us when we tell you there’s a reason even royals will wait in queue to dine at Coco’s. The food is indescribable beyond belief with prices that aren’t too shabby- throw in the artsy European surrounds and it’s perfect. 

(P.S. By queue, we really only mean a 5-15 minute wait. The place often fills up, at ALL hours of the day)

4. Buggy rides in Sakhir 

You could event rent tents and stay overnight. Locals often camp or tent out in the winter seasons- complete with barbeques and the moonlight stars. 

5. Try indoor skydiving 

6. Have some of their traditional ‘street food’ or known restaurants 

  • Malghoom, in Adliya for SAR5
  • Mohd Noor Bokhari biryanis and mandi for SAR20 in Hoora 
  • Tikka, in any grill shop (MUST)
  • Chai Karak (any tea shop) 
  • Coco’s beef stroganoff and iced tea 
  • Thai food at Honey’s in Manama 
  • Machboos at Haji’s Cafe since 1950s in Bab Al Bahrain, Manama 

7. Have shisha anywhere in Amwaj 

8. Shop at the chinese store at Dragon Mart and find everything you need (located near Amwaj, Muharraq)

Almost literally.. 

Everything you want, and need or..

9. Check out Formula One and try golf- karting 

What an experience!

10. Go on a boat around the city at VENTUS

Four Seasons, Seef Area

11. Check out birds and beautiful animals at the Al Areen Zoo 

12. Walk around the artsy cool Adliya area

13. Play Lazer Tag with your family or friends

It’s an adrenaline rush, trust me 


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