19 Weird And Funny Thoughts We Have During Very Awkward And Long Elevator Rides With Strangers


Elevator rides. There’s something iffy about each experience. 

We can all agree that sometimes our deepest thoughts are put aside and replaced with mindless chatter in our heads. 

Here’s 19 of the thoughts that run through our minds when in an elevator:

1. “YES, it’s empty”

2. “But this is a little creepy..”

3. “What if something pops up like in those horror movies and I get dragged out from the top of this?”

4. “Okay, let me just focus on something…”

5. “Nice buttons…”

6. *reads the warning and safety signs*

7. “Omg it says if the elevator stops, I shouldn’t panic because there’s plenty of air”

8. “Where the heck could that air come from though?”

9. “Okay, finally my stop”

10. *rushes right out the elevator* 

When there’s a lot of people in the elevator 

11. “Oh crap, I forgot to press the button”

12. “Ugh, so cramped in here”

13. “Why do these lifts have to take so long?”

14. *awkward*

15. “Should I whip my phone out and pretend I’m busy?”

16. *pretends to check phone and WhatsApps to best friend about the reason why*

17. “Hmmm, love her shoes”

18. “Could this take any longer?”

19. *runs out the elevator* 


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