6 Adrenaline Pumping Activities In Saudi You Need To Try


If the most exciting thing that usually happens on your weekends is getting up to answer the door to a pizza delivery, then you need to get in touch with your wild side.

Saudi has so many exciting activities you can do, either with a group or friends or on your own, that will spice up your free time in a big way.

Here are the top things we are dying to do, in the Kingdom:

1. Dive under the sea 

Scuba and snorkelling have been a favourite past-time for people in Jeddah. Since the city is so close to the Red Sea, it is imperative that one go under the sea and witness another dimension to the Kingdom’s beauty.

Corals, fish, lots of vibrant colors and just the thrill of being underwater will have you feelin’ all sorts of adventurous. There’s a variety of scuba diving places that help train and walk you through the whole thing. 

But one we’d highly recommend is Desert Sea Divers, click the blue hyperlink for more info.

2. Drive to the Edge of The World 

Located some 96km from Riyadh, a drive to this rocky area called the Tuwaiq Escarpment will leave you breathless. But also, it’ll give you a sense of pride- especially if you make it to the edge.

Although, we wouldn’t fully advise for you to take a selfie right by the steep. Just for safety’s sake.

3. Take a flight in Jeddah… or fly an aircraft yourself 

Oh yeah, you’re reading this right. 

West Sky Aviation in Jeddah will allow you to hover over the beautiful Jeddah skyline for only SAR350. Marvel in the beauty of the Kingdom from up top and most importantly, document the occassion. 

Contact West Sky Aviation on +966 53 025 0000 for more info.

4. Sandsurfing/ sandboarding at the dunes 

Take full advantage of the fact that we live in a land surrounded by desert. 

5. Dune Bashing 

Although it’s advisable to sit and enjoy the ride with a highly-trained driver first, this should take you lots of lessons and practice before you venture your Jeep or cruiser and take it to the sands.

6. Trekking

Another sure-fire way to get your adrenaline rushing!

There’s even a few notable trekking spots in the Kingdom that makes you spoilt for choice. From the Edge of The World, Jabal Dakha in Taif, or even the Wahba Crater. 

Exploring while getting your health freak on = best combo.


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