Ah-Choo! BTS Singer Jungkook’s Health Has Lead To The Worrying Of Many Fans In Saudi


You may be wondering why every so often a Korean name would pop up on Saudi Twitter as a trending hashtag. Perhaps, you pondered upon it after seeing ‘Jungkook’ on that trends list.

It should be of no surprise by now just how fast and intently global fans of Kpop bands move, EXO fans‘ surprise for the group in Jeddah was only a critical example of this wild enthusiasm and next-level fan-girling.

So why exactly is the word ‘Jungkook’ trending?

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(Image Credits: Twitter @madein1997_jk)

BTS is a seven-member boyband from South Korea

BTS stands for ‘Bangtan Boys’ but the group was formerly referred to as ‘Beyond The Scene.’

Today, the boys have a legion of loyal devotees from ALL around the world, including Saudi Arabia.

‘Jungkook’ is the name of BTS’ main vocalist

The die-hard fans of the group refer to themselves as the ‘Army’

A term well-deserving for the set of fans that DO the absolute most for their idols.

One of which includes the reason for this hashtag trending.

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The hashtag sparked after fans’ worried about Jungkook’s health

Several videos of the group at the Seoul Music Awards were shared on social media, after which a few of the ‘Army’ realised Jungkook seemed a little fatigued.

Or a lot like it.

A fan even said, “Please take care of yourself, Jungkook. Don’t overwork. Your health is more important to us.”

There are now more than one million tweets about it

Can you imagine SO many people looking out for your wellbeing?

(Probs time to start contemplating on ways to become a K-pop star)

It is quite known how the Korean entertainment industry tends to overwork their celebrities or groups

If you’ve been a follower of Kpop then you’ll know just how ghastly and tiring it has probable been for most of your fave celebs to get where they are now.

Big production companies and agents usually have prospective stars train RIGOROUSLY for six months, no breaks. These trainings include singing, dancing, acting and even dieting.

And all that happens BEFORE they even debut or gain a fanbase.

Rojak Daily explains it well in this article.

So you can imagine why the worry

Let us hope, indeed, that the BTS army gets all that they want for their fave singer: to rest.


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