5 Incredible Saudi Women That Will Motivate And Inspire You Ahead Of International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is tomorrow and that means celebrating the women of today and what they’ve managed to accomplish. It has taken a long time, especially in conservative regions, for women to find their voice. 

But the strength, perseverance and their hard-work has fought societal norms and made them come out even stronger. 

Here are the 7 superwomen in Saudi whom we should all be proud of:

1. Lubna Olayan

The CEO of Riyadh-based Olayan Financing company, Lubna Olayan is a force to be reckoned with. She has been running her father’s company (started in 1947) and she has helped it become one of the biggest investors in regional stock markets as well as in the Kingdom. 

Talk about goals foh’ life. Oh and did we mention?

She was also named the #1 Most Powerful Arab Businesswoman by Forbes in 2017.

2. Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan 

Apart from accomplishing being the first woman in the Kingdom to head a multi-sports federation, Her Highness Princess Reema, is also an astounding entrepreneur who was once the CEO of Al Hama LLC- a luxury retail corporation. 

Here’s a list of her other achievements throughout the years. 

3. Ameerah Al Taweel

Ameerah Al- Taweel is a philanthropist and women’s rights advocate who was born in Riyadh. You might be familiar with her after being married to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, but she has made a name of her own.

Ameerah is constantly visiting different countries to talk, educate and help as well as tweet her opinions to more than 1.4 million followers, on matters she feels strongly about. A strong representation of the females in the country.

4. Hanadi Al Hindi

The first Saudi female pilot who was able to actually fly in the Kingdom, after being granted this license by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

Hanadi earned her pilot license in 2005, which made her the first female to ever obtain an achievement as such. 

Giiiirrrl power!

5. Fatima Baeshen

The first female spokesperson in the Kingdom, Baeshen carries herself with integrity and pride. She works for the Saudi Embassy in the U.S.

(Image Credits: Social Media/ @fatimahsbaeshen)

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