Here Are Some FAMOUS People Who Have Lived in Saudi Before


Saudi Arabia, with its population of more than 32 million people, is no doubt filled with great talent, creativity and passion. This can be seen in Jeddah’s art galleries, locals in the music industry and apparently, even Hollywood. 

Here’s a few notable celebrities you might not have known who were either born and raised or have lived in the Kingdom before:

Actress Lisa Eilbacher was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 

Yep, the actress best known for playing Jerry Van Dyke in My Mother the Car was the daughter of an American oil company executive. She lived in Saudi Arabia at some point, 

Screen Shot 2017 09 19 At 1 52 49 Pm

Melora Walters in Butterfly Effect was also born in Dhahran 

She also starred in the Robin Williams classic ‘Dead Poets Society’, Magnolia and Cold Mountain. 

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A capella singer Alaa Wardi was born and raised in Saudi too 

The amazing a capella singer, whose Youtube videos have landed him gigs all over the Middle East, was born and raised in Saud to Iranian parents. 

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Influencer Lujain Omran was born and raised in Saudi Arabia 

She’s a host and influencer with more than 5.6 MILLION followers on Instagram 

Rihanna’s #SaudiBae Hassan Jameel is a Saudi-Arabian businessman who owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in the region

This one’s a little out the loop from the rest but let’s face it, he is a little famous now after being seen with Rihanna.

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