A Man Who Threw A Hammer At His Wife Has Been Sentenced To A Maximum Punishment In Riyadh


A man in Riyadh who nearly killed his wife is on trial this week after repeat domestic assault incidences.

Riyadh’s public prosecution has referred the man to court, urging its presiding judge to sentence him to the maximum punishment

The man nearly killed his wife by throwing a metal hammer at her as she waited for the family driver outside their house and nearly killed her.

The attack was captured on CCTV cameras

The man was arrested and the public prosecution is recommending a maximum sentence particularly because the alleged assaulted has been involved in several other domestic assault incidents prior but previous legal action didn’t deter him from attacking his wife again.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution and Ministry of Labor and Social Development are currently working together to curb the number of domestic violence incidents.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia expanded its Protection Against Abuse laws to make sure they covered anyone who isn’t given their basic legal rights at home, including the right to get identification papers, education, and health care.

In 2016, a domestic violence reporting center was also set up.


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