First Saudi Woman Qualifies For EMEA Barista Championships! From Coffee Lover to a Global Barista ☕?


Najibah Al Makki is a Saudi woman whose passion for coffee making has led her to be the first Saudi woman to qualify for the EMEA Barista Championships

Her first championship was awarded for the eastern region and the second for all of KSA. She then continued on to compete in Kuwait regional championship, where she was awarded champion of the middle eastern region

Following her success in these championships and being crowned as ME barista champion, she qualified to compete in the EMEA Barista Championship

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Starbucks announced that Najibah Al-Makki qualified for the the EMEA Barista Championship, which will be held in London. She will  be the first Saudi woman to participate in this international competition

Al Makki joined Starbucks when employment was opened for women in 2018 . The company refers to its employees as partners because it consideres more than just employees

Currently, she is preparing for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Barista Championship in London and looking forward to learning more. Najibah aspires to be a model for her colleagues in Starbucks and to succeed to represent the women of her country and her country’s name globally


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