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There Are A Lot Of Free Mental Health Support Centers Across Saudi Arabia

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Mental health is an issue that we, as a society, simply don’t talk about enough. And it is very important that people who are struggling with their mental health to understand that help is available.

This conversation is especially important during times as unprecedented as COVID-19, when people are particularly dealing with anxiety and depression

A number of mental health expert institutions in Saudi Arabia have been sharing information and even offering free support to people during these times.

Here are a few:

National Committee for Mental Health Promotion

They offer a lot of advice and resources online and also have a free line to offer confidential support when necessary.


The Renewal and Reward Center

Another center offering a lot of useful resources (particularly in the context of COVID-19) and also have a free helpline.

Sultan City for Humanitarian Services

This is part of an integrated healthcare city and one of the initiatives by the Ministry of Health to promote healthcare, share resources, and offer support.

Awai Center for Psychological Counseling

This charity center is specialized in offering family counseling.


Thati Center

This center also offers a lot of resources online and a number of free consultation sessions.


Waad Center for Psychological Counseling

Waad also offers a range of counseling and mental health support. Some of their resources are also available online for free.


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