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10 Reasons Why People In The Khaleej Love This Popular Online Clothing Store

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Shopping for clothing online is not as taboo as it used to be. Our trust issues, as consumers, of allowing third-party access our debit/credit cards barely exist.

In many ways, online shopping has done A LOT to change the game of fashion.

A statement as such couldn’t be more accurate, even for the Middle East.

You may have noticed the hype around several online retail stores, but there’s no question that SheIn seems to be the choice for inexpensive-boujee-looking clothing.

And here are a couple of reasons why that is:

1. The clothes are actually incredibly cheap

You get to feel like J-Lo and a far cousin of the Kardashians with price points that start as low as SAR10 for different types of trendy items.

I mean…. why not?

2. They deliver quite fast, if you think about it

Even before their Middle-East extension was launched, people have been pretty amazed by their rapid delivery services.

Door-to-door shipping from the States to Saudi, Bahrain, the UAE and other GCC countries within a week (sometimes.)

3. You get to wear the latest fashion trends celebs are wearing

Gone are the days when all we could do was fan-girl or hope to reach a certain level of success to dress the way celebs do.

SheIn and quite a few other online stores have made this feat now simpler and more accessible.

4. Because aside from clothes, this website seems to have everything one would need

Shoes, earrings, necklaces, men’s and kid’s clothing, bags and even keychains.

5. The sales are wildly intense

Tops from $7 (SAR 26) and almost 3000 results under their site’s ‘Sale’ category alone will have you surprised.

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6. Their website has an array of home decor and accessories too

Forget everything you were taught about home accessories, for some reason, SheIn sells home decor too.

Floor mats, wall stickers, bed spreads, pillows and MOOOORE.

IKEA who?

7. They cater to all shapes and sizes. And SheIn is not exclusive to just women.

Women of all shapes and sizes get to enjoy the variety of products they bring to the table.

Not to mention, a men’s section on the website too.

8. It takes away the hassle of leaving your home

…Or walking around. The audacity of the thought.


9. They include modest options for Arab women

SheIn’s other website catered to providing for the region sells an array of abayas and modest clothing, proof of their thoughtfulness to their Arab clientele.

Screen Shot 2018 10 04 At 2 04 29 Pm

10. The brand always has deals and freebies on their social media pages

As if the prices of SheIn weren’t fabulous enough, certain seasons means different discount codes each customer can use to get an even LOWER price point.

Plus, the real trick is to keep a lookout on their social media pages.

There’s always bound to be a giveaway at anytime. But this one really goes for most online retailers too.

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