A Stray Dog Was Left For Dead In Fujairah After Being Shot Four Times


A shocking piece of news was brought to light on Thursday, June 26, of a stray dog that was shot four times and was left for dead in Fujairah.

A witness recalled how the helpless dog was sleeping outside a shop when a car pulled up, and the driver got out to shoot the stray in broad daylight before getting back inside and driving off.

The Fujairah-based animal shelter, Animals and Us, shared the account on their official Instagram page and expressed their utter outrage over the inhumane criminal offence. Upon getting the tip, a volunteer from the shelter, Michelle, rushed to rescue the dog and took him to a vet in Dubai.

The dog is in severe shock – we can’t blame him, this poor, helpless soul can’t comprehend what has happened… neither can we

Animals and Us disclosed how the dog, named Chance, was “shot four times in the neck, shoulder and legs. X-rays show there are bullet fragments in his spine. Once he has stabilised, further x-rays will be taken to understand the full extent of his injuries.”

“For now, we will let this beautiful, helpless soul that we have named Chance rest and try to recover from the trauma. We chose the name Chance because we are adamant we will give him a chance at life, love and justice…”


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The shelter is actively investigating the matter to catch the perpetrator and has added that “This is what is happening on the streets of the UAE. This is why we are constantly begging and operating above our means and capacity”

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated case, and we’ve seen far worse hate crimes inflicted upon these stray animals.

We have woken up today with aching hearts, full of despair and sadness for the world these animals live in. How many times does this happen and we just never know? We can’t bare to think… because we just don’t know how we will keep going.

We cannot save them alone. With no land to call our own, rent to pay, salaries for workers, electricity bills, medical care, food for hundreds… until there is wider change, we have to protect as many as we can, as best as we can.


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To proactively seek out a poor, friendly, defenceless animal, walk up to them, look them in the eye… and shoot them 4 times. These people are not human, they are monsters 

“We have to get them off the streets. We have to let them not live in fear. We have to seek justice.”

The shelter shared an emotional message about the horrific suffering that strays endure on a daily basis as a result of human activity. Currently, Animals and Us are awaiting x-ray results and are looking into the implications of the bullet fragments that are lodged around Chance’s spine and legs.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Chance, and we pray he has a speedy recovery and a life full of love hereafter. And a big shoutout to all the animal shelters working tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate these abused strays.

Please contact the shelter via their email contact@aauf.ae if you’re looking to help out.

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